Narasimha Temple, Bhubaneswar

Narasimha Temple is a 14th–15th-century temple in Bhubaneswar city (Lat. 20° 14’ 71″ N., Long. 85° 49’ 96″ E., Elev. 67 ft t) of the state of Odisha, India. The time period of its construction is estimated from its architectural features. Its tradition and legends are the same as the Gosagaresvara temple. It is situated in the precinct of Gosagaresvara on the southeastern side of Gosagaresvara Shiva and Paradaresvara Shiva temples. The presiding deity is a four-armed Narasimha image seating on a pedestal. His upper left hand holds a conch, upper right-hand holds a disk while his major left and right hand are busy killing the demon. The base of the pedestal is carved with a series of females, in Anjali mudra. The cella measures 1.15 square meters and is facing towards the west.

The temple is surrounded by Sanisvara Siva temple in the west, Paradaresvara Siva and Gosagaresvara Siva temple in the northwestern corner, and Isanesvara in the northeastern corner.

Source: Wikipedia