Narasimhapalli Temple

Nrsinhadeva Temple is situated in Devapalli. It is well known since Satya Yuga. After bestowing His mercy on Prahlada by killing Hiranyakasipu, the Lord came here to rest.

      Brahma and the other demigods made their houses here and formed a village. This village was established on tiles, hillocks, here on the bank of the Mandakini river, and all the residents were absorbed in the worship of Nrisinhadeva. According to the scriptures, this village in Navadvipa, named Sri Nrsinha-kshetra, is most purifying.

In his Sri Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya book Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur writes the prediction from the mouth of Lord Nityananda. Which says: “See here Surya-tila and Brahma-tila and east was Nrsinha-tila. The place is now transformed. See there Ganesha-tila, and over there is Indra-tila. Though Vishvakarma built hundreds of jeweled houses here, in time, all were destroyed, and the Mandakini dried up. Now only the hillocks mark the places. See these countless broken stones, the remnants of the temples. Again in the future, one devotee king will receive a drop of Nrsinha’s mercy, and he will make a large temple, reinstall Nrisinha, and take up service to Nrsinha again. This is on the border of the Navadvipa parikrama within the sixteen krosas.” Devotees at Nrsimha Palli.

This Temple is famous since Satya-yuga when Lord Nrsimhadeva came here to take rest and wash the blood from His hands after bestowing His mercy on Prahlada by killing his demoniac father Hiranyakasipu.

Knowing that Lord Narasimha had come to take rest here, all the demigods including Brahma built their houses here and thus created a village on the bank of river Mandakini and all engaged in the service of the Lord. Since that time this place has been known as Narasimha-kshetra in Navadvipa Dhama.

Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates used to come here regularly to discuss Lord Nrsimha-Katha and perform harinam sankirtan.

Source: Wikipedia