The Appearance Of Lord Narasimhadev

Generally, ferocity and beauty are never seen together. But in the spiritual realm, anything is possible. One such manifestation is the pastime of Lord Narsimha. Lord Narsimha means man-lion. Various deities, photos, and sculptures depict Him as an effulgent, glowing form with Lotus Hands and Lotus Feet, Torso of that resembling human form and Lotus Face with a Lion’s mane, and complete with a roar and claws like that of a lion. This wonderous form of the Lord is celebrated throughout the universe as Protector, Saviour, and Provider. 

The appearance of Lord Narasimha is one of the most touching, moving, and emotional pastimes. His appearance to protect the word of not only His devotee Prahlad but also His faithful Servant Brahma and long lost associate in Vaikuntha Jay and Vijay. In this one pastime Lord reciprocates with the prayers, intentions, and feelings of all His devotees who are playing various parts almost like a cosmic play. Remembrance of Lord Narsimha is known to bestow protection, prosperity, and assured return to the Spiritual world. Lord Narsimha is also perhaps one of the few Avatars having multiple names according to the mood and unfolding of his appearance pastime. Before we meditate on those various forms let us once again read and experience the thrilling pastime of His divine appearance. 

Once in Vaikuntha, the 4 Kumaras Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara happened to pass by  Vaikuntha, the Abode of Lord Narayan. Vaikuntha gates comprised of 7 different levels and the final gate was guarded by Jay and Vijay. When the 4 Kumaras came to the final gate. Jay and Vijay stopped them owing to their child-like appearance and mistook them to be ordinary children. The 4 Kumaras were liberated souls and had assumed the form of children to protect themselves from the onslaught of material nature and protect their innocence. 

The 4 Kumaras feel offended and curse the gatekeepers to take birth in the material world as Asuras or demons. But still, out of kindness and compassion, 4 Kumaras grant them the boon of returning to Vaikuntha after 3 births.  

Jay and Vijay were then born to Diti, the mother of demons as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. Both of them were bestowed with extraordinary strength, intelligence, power, and followers. Hiranyaksha was digging the earth for gold and the earth lost its balance and fell into the Garbodhaka ocean. Lord Visnu then incarnated as Lord Varah, boar form to rescue earth and kill Hiranyaksha. 

Perturbed by the death of Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu vowed revenge. He then began to perform the most severe austerities for invoking Lord Brahma the creator. Meanwhile his wife, Kayadhu was pregnant with their child. Harassed by demigods, she was given shelter by Narada Muni who then gave her divine knowledge about the Supreme Lord. The unborn child in Kayadhu’s womb heard all the divine knowledge and became purified. 

 Owing to Hiranyakashipu’s severe austerities, Lord Brahma was compelled to appear to him and ask for his wish. Hiranyakashipu asked for immortality as a boon. Lord Brahma reasoned that he is mortal so he cannot grant immortality. Hiranyakashipu then requested him to grant the boon that no living entity created by Lord Brahma should be able to kill Hiranyakashipu and that no weapon should be able to kill him, death cannot touch him during day or night, on earth or sky, neither inside a residence nor outside. Lord Brahma was compelled to grant him this boon. 

Once empowered by the boon, Hiranyakashipu unleashed the worst form of terror on the universe. He displaced all the demigods from their positions and assumed the total controllership of the universe. He began to make life hell for all the pious-minded devotees and stopped them from performing fire sacrifices using ghee. Once the fire sacrifices stopped, all demigods were weakened and had to be under Hiranyakashipu’s control.  There were no regulated seasons for fruits, flowers, day or night duration. Hiranyakashipu assumed total lordship over the world and was ruling with great tyranny. He abolished the worship of Sri Hari and commanded himself to be worshiped instead. 

His son Prahlad was however an anomaly in his demoniac kingdom. Owing to the association of Narada muni while being in his mother’s womb, Prahlad was devoted to Lord Visnu. At the tender age of 5 years, he was preaching the glories of Visnu to his demon classmates. His teachers Shand and Amark were astonished and rebuked him for this. However, Prahlad continued his devotion. Once it came to the notice of Hiranyakashipu and he apprehended Prahlad for this. But Prahlad refused to give up his devotional service. 

Hiranyakashipu then began attempts to kill Prahlad by poisoning him, throwing him in front of vicious snakes, trampling him under elephants, throwing him off high mountain cliffs, and even setting him on fire. But Prahlad remained surrendered to Lord Visnu and incessantly remembered Him. 

Once Hiranyakashipu challenged Prahlad in an argument and questioned him about the whereabouts of Visnu. Prahlad replied explaining the omniscient nature of Lord Visnu. Hiranyakashipu then asked him if Visnu exists in the pillar in the assembly hall. Prahlad replies with a resounding yes. Hiranyakashipu enraged kicked the pillar. But this time the pillar exploded to reveal the most wonderful sight. Lord Narsimha had appeared upholding the words of Prahlad. He had the face of a lion and the torso of a human. He has the nails of a lion and was very ferocious to look at. However, to Bhakta Prahlad, He looked like a most affectionate Father, Saviour, and Lovable Lord. 

Then a ferocious battle ensued between Lord Narsimha and Hiranyakashipu. Both fought valiantly. The entire universe shook in fear as both exchanged blows. All demigods and residents of other planets witnessed the most fearsome duel. As twilight approached, when it was neither day nor night, Lord Narsimha took Hiranyakashipu upon His Lap and sat on the threshold of the palace. Then with His Lotus Hands and Sharp Nails, He tore open Hiranyakashipu’s belly and killed him. All the demigods cheered for the end of tyranny and the victory of the righteous. 

Lord Narsimha dev then destroyed all the demons. Prahlad was very pleased and offered his heartfelt prayers to the Lord. Lord Narasimha was so ferocious that no one except Prahlad was able to pacify Him. Lord Narsimha was then joined by His eternal Consort, Laxmi Devi. 

All demigods regained their positions. Prahlad was then crowned successor of the kingdom. 

Srila Narsimha Dev ki Jaya.

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